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Are you working hard, really hard? Are you tired? Do you find that you're on edge much of the time? Do you keep thinking "I should just be able to get over this"?

Mindfulness practices are about building a healthy relationship with yourself, and discovering internal resources you didn't even know you had. Mindfulness practices are about showing up even more fully with family, at work, and within your community.

I see you. I know what you're going through. And I know that you feel that your own care is incidental and unimportant and that it seems easier to just keep pushing and getting things done than it is to stop.

Participating in mindfulness, or any practice of healing or self development takes vulnerability and courage.

I offer a holistic approach to to growth, healing, and understanding common mental health problems like anxiety, post traumatic stress, burnout, and anger issues We work together from the inside out at a pace that is comfortable for you via group programs, digital resources, and/or individual sessions.

  • Gain tools and mastery to meet your most pressing life challenges

  • Increase ease and peace of mind

  • Shift your focus and energy to what is truly important to you, honoring your unique gifts and desires

  • Grow at a pace that feels both nourishing and rewarding

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Before Nichole knew the word "mindfulness" she was practicing intentional, moment to moment awareness when long distance running with her cross country team and when alone and with no other choice than to feel strong emotions. Growing up in a hard working family with its fair share of problems, and later making her way in the professional world, Nichole has many times felt trapped, overworked, and overlooked because she didn’t have tools and guidance to understand and express her lived experience into skillful, sometimes bold action.

She began dabbling in contemplative practice in the early 2000s, first taking up yoga, and then discovering the balm of mindfulness and meditation practice. Nichole has worked as a mental health professional since 2005, training extensively in trauma informed care and integrating mindfulness into her work with clients. She is a licensed clinical social worker (Colorado), Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher through University of Brown University and is EMDR trained. She operates a small private practice specializing in helping big hearted individuals who struggle with stress, anxiety, burnout, anger issues, and trauma (big or small) to quickly connect with internal resources and gently untangle sources of stress. She honors the role that awareness and internal resources play in any process of healing or self development.

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Words from those who have worked with Nichole

"I signed up for the MBSR E Course on a whim. I felt that it would be good for me to do it, but I didn't know what I was getting myself into exactly. Now that it's over, I realize the enormous power of the present moment, and I value my newfound ability to center down into it. This new skill is an inexhaustible resource that is easily accessible - the present is always here! I so appreciated not feeling rushed or pushed in a certain direction by the teacher, Nichole. Throughout the course she very effectively conveyed the message that we are already exactly where we need to be."

— EK, Artist

"I've clearly had a significant shift in my entire life focus and it feels amazing (and scary as hell, but still amazing).As it turns out, I needed this class for my own good and I was lucky enough to attend at the urging of a friend due to anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. I loved having permission to format the class in a way that worked for me and liked having options. I'm a rebellious, so having options is good. Turns out the practice works. Since taking the MBSR E Course, I have begun prioritizing self care as evidenced by scheduling therapy, seeing a doctor to address my health issues, connecting with old friends, and meditating daily. I appreciated Nichole's gentle, loving, and kind approach to teaching. "

— NW, Human Resources Professional

"Nichole's warm and authentic approach created a safe space to explore the deep emotions I was experiencing. While the EMDR sessions unlocked an uncomfortable awareness of deeply buried beliefs, the daily MBSR practices provided real tools between sessions to process that awareness in a focused, productive, and emotionally safe manner. Her work helped me to understand how seemingly unconnected things in my life were actually all very connected. Now, I feel more peace and a sense of control over my life again as I continue practicing MBSR. It was more than a coincidence I happened to be working with Nichole when one of the most difficult challenges of my life struck. I will forever be grateful for her work of gently guiding me through to the other side."

-BK, Public Health Professional

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