E Course: Mindfulness and Stress
$15.00 • 1 credits • expires in 3 months

In five sessions learn how to identify stress in your life, ways mindfulness can help, and concrete ways to try mindfulness and experience benefits right away. Plan to spend about 30-60 minutes a week over the five weeks to complete the course. Have direct access to Nichole, Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher, via discussion posts, and you are invited t join the monthly mindfulness practice group.

It's great for folks who have an interest in mindfulness and want to further develop the skills on their own, with some opportunities to correspond with an experienced teacher via email. Students can choose to add one to one sessions if they want more support or accountability. Message Nichole about these options

Once you register, you will receive a link to the course via email.

Valid for: E-course: Stress and Mindfulness

MBSR + 2 individual sessions
$429.00 • 11 credits • expires in 1 year

Join an Online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (8 weeks) to benefit from community and guidance as you deepen your mindfulness practice AND participate in two individual sessions with Nichole for tailored support and feedback.

MBSR courses are held several times per year, check the schedule or email Nichole for specific class dates and times.

Save $55, plus no credit card processing fees, and BONUS: you get two months of access to the Mindfulness and Stress: E Course that you can use yourself or gift to someone else.

Individual sessions can be online or in person depending on preference, availability, and COVID restrictions. In person individual sessions are available in Ridgway, Colorado.

After registering, watch for an email from Nichole with registration forms.

Valid for: Individual Sessions 45 minutes, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (online options)

$375.00 • 9 credits • expires in 1 year

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction:

A systematic way to integrate mindfulness into your day to day life over eight weeks.

You will come out of the course with improved stress reduction tools and insights into your stress cycles (including vulnerability, recognition, reacting, responding, and recovering). Who can benefit:

*those with chronic or acute medical conditions exacerbated by stress

*Professionals at risk for burnout or compassion fatigue (healthcare, education, law)

*Folks on a journey to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression

*Anyone already creating a well lifestyle and want to focus in on the mindfulness aspect of the path

This course is highly experiential, provides robust support, and is a community learning environment. We are learning from the inside out. This course is offered several times throughout the year in online, in person, and hybrid formats. Check the schedule or contact Nichole for specific weeks and times.

words from those who have taken the course:

more about MBSR

Valid for:  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (online options)

3 Individual Sessions
$240.00 • 6 credits • expires in 6 months

Test the waters or boost your support with three 45 minute therapy or coaching sessions with Nichole plus access to the Mindfulness and Stress: E Course for two months.

This is the lowest price offering with individual sessions.

Valid for: E-course: Stress and Mindfulness, Individual Sessions 45 minutes

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