Introduction to Breathing Awareness

A brief explanation of why you might want to practice awareness of breathing, and a 10 minute guided practice.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises include specific ways we can purposely change or control our breathing in order to increase relaxation and resilience. Breathing exercises can support mindfulness practice by helping our bodies relax so it is easier to stay present and aware of our bodies, and the "exercise" part gives our minds something to "do", which can help to decrease distraction. In this recording we start with awareness of breathing and I introduce belly breathing and two point breathing. This is an audio only recording.

Learning to Watch Your Thoughts

Thought defusion is a tool to get perspective on thoughts and be able to zoom out from them, especially if cognitions are contributing to problems of living-depression, anxiety, anger issues, relationship strain, feelings of worthlessness. Thought watching is a mindfulness practice that defuses thoughts, so we can get some distance from them and be less caught up in the same old storylines.

Learn how to STOP

In this video get some tips on how to integrate STOP as an informal mindfulness practice you can weave throughout your day. This practice is perfect for trying mindfulness for the first time AND for more advanced practice of creating pauses in the midst of your most stressful situations. Here I offer guidance on each step of the practice S-Stop T-take a few breathes, O-observe, P-proceed. Share how you use STOP in a typical day down in the comments.

Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Meet Your Life

This recorded one hour class is specifically designed for busy or burnt out professionals and caregivers who are wanting to live life more fully and gracefully. You will have the opportunity to participate in mindfulness practices. We will discuss the 3 specific ways that mindfulness practice can transform stress.

Interview with Dr. Seaver

Naturopath Dr. Abigail Seaver and I discuss Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as a health and wellness resource. We discuss what MBSR is and how mindfulness can improve mental and physical health, especially when stress exacerbates symptoms.